Here’s some background on my younger brother, just so you know something about the maniac he is.


Okay, just for reference, Dave was apparently showing off his junk on Twitter and being a boy-whore.  Nothing necessarily wrong with that, except obviously not everyone likes to see other people posting nude pics of themselves, and really, when you do that sort of thing, expect someone to take offense and be vocal.  I mean, it’s the equivalent of dropping your pants on a crowded bus and then getting all pissy because someone doesn’t like the view and says so.  Well then, dumbass, don’t go parading your junk and you won’t get those kinds of comments.

Here are some more pics for your perusal.





So this is the boy who’s ordering me to “man up” and “take responsibility” for my life.  Next time I’ll delve into the long, tortured story of how all this drama came about.