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Okay, there’s a long backstory to this that I’ll go into later, but the short version is that my violent, batshit insane younger brother is stalking me via e-mail and Facebook, and apparently either has a dummy account set up to spy on me or else has at least one of his friends on my FB friends list sending him what I post.

Now, I know this because I’ve visited his blog and have seen what I’ve posted on Facebook verbatim, meaning he or his friend is copying and pasting what I share, and then Dave blogs about it and demands that I go seek mental health treatment even though he’s the crazy one.  The boy really has some serious mental health issues and it’s only a matter of time before he escalates.

Here are a couple of screen captures:



Okay, a few things, Dave:

No, I am not going to post on your blog so you can dictate what I’m allowed to say in my own defense and what I’m not, or so you can edit what I post there.  It’s not going to happen.

I’m already on food stamps.  The pittance I get per month isn’t enough to keep me fed on a daily basis.  And I’ve been to the food pantries.  NEWSFLASH, dummy: The pantries are experiencing huge increases in people asking for food, because the economy’s in the toilet and poverty is on the rise with no letup in sight.  So there’s only so much to go around.  I get what I can and try to make it stretch.

You do not have to keep tabs on what I post, nor do you need to keep harping on every single little thing I write and try to make me into your villain.  I do not post on Facebook solely for your benefit, or solely for the benefit of your little friend, who is too much of a coward to reveal himself or herself.  Now, a couple of people have been kind enough to look into your Facebook page and peruse your friends list, and sent me screen caps.  What little I saw in those screen caps didn’t surprise me in the least.  My ex-friend Richard, who has his own history of violent sociopathy and obsession (two reasons I ended my “friendship” with him in the first place), isn’t exactly Mr. Subtlety.  It’s fitting that a pair of psychopaths like you would team up, since you both seem to have very similar mental health issues.  But really, if the two of you think for a moment that you’re fooling anyone or that the friends I have aren’t genuine enough to keep me appraised of what you’re up to, you’re even crazier than I thought.

You keep demanding that I seek mental help, but every time you post your insane drivel you prove that it’s you who need help.  I’m not the only person who thinks so, either, and no, they’re not just saying that to placate me.  They’re saying it because they look at your demented, hate-filled ramblings and see the obvious.  But you’re too far gone into your delusions to even consider that possibility.

No one’s forcing you to look up what I post on my own Facebook page.  No one’s forcing you to write up libel about me or collaborate in sending me hate-filled e-mails.  Those decisions were all yours, and while you can blame me all you want for your troubles, the fact is that only you are responsible for your own actions.  Grow up, take your own advice, and seek professional mental health before you hurt somebody and end up in jail.