For the record, other people can “passively” receive what is sent by others, too. A certain asshole isn’t the only one whose friends can send screen caps on their own initiative.

Now, this whole thing has been nothing but ridiculous. I am not the one who started this bullshit, and would be just as happy ignoring it as anyone else. But when my name is being dragged through the mud by a pair of psychopaths whose abuse necessitated cutting them out of what passes for my life, and when I have to endure nasty e-mails from an anonymous account from a coward who can’t tell me things to my face, and when it gets to the point that I’m made to feel like I have to be careful what I post because it’ll only be used to attack me on a blog somewhere, and when I’m told that I should have to arbitrarily remove people from my friends list for fear they might be dummy accounts set up to monitor me…

…how is this not a (craptacularly pathetic) form of online terrorism?

Now, before anyone accuses me of dramatics, I want you to think about this.

When someone sends you hate-ridden messages calling you mentally ill and ripping your life apart, from the anonymity of a false user name, and deliberately stalks your every post on social media and then sends off screen caps to your psycho-relative who then joins in on the “fun” by posting libelous blog entries, and demands that you try to prove a negative, and everything you say in defense of yourself is taken as “evidence” of mental illness and used to attack you even more, and suggests that you shouldn’t accept friend requests from people because they might be dummy accounts used to monitor and report to your psycho-relative, what do you think that is? What is that if not a form of terrorism?

Terrorism is the instilling of terror in order to achieve a particular end. Considering my younger brother’s history of violence against me, this is not a petty matter.  He and his friend Richard have gotten physical with me in the past, so it’s not unrealistic to fear that they may escalate their behavior to include violence.

Oh, and Dave, you were lying about “passively receiving” screen caps from your friend.



So yes, you did actively make contact with the person who’s been sending me nasty e-mails, and Mallory is (or was) in on it, too.  Of course, this ass clown might have been lying — something you people excel at doing — but my gut feeling is that he or she is not.  It’s understandable that you’d assume I’m doing the exact same things you are.  Most bullies have a habit of projecting their faults and failings onto their victims, and you’re no different.  Your warped sense of reality compels you to assume that everyone else is naturally as dishonest, insane, vindictive, violent, and bullying as you.  The truth is that we’re not.

You opened up this can of worms, boy.  You can gobble down every last one of them, or close it back up.  You can’t run away from your own actions and then get on your high horse about what others do.

If you post pictures of your junk online and someone complains, that isn’t bullying.  It’s someone reacting to being subjected to something he or she didn’t want to see.  There is a reason public nudity is generally forbidden, and in the online world, even though laws regarding posting naked pictures either don’t exist or are murky, there’s still such a thing as etiquette, and when you violate that, you really shouldn’t expect there to be no consequences.  Just as you demand the right to express yourself and have your own opinions, others have the right to do likewise.  It’s a given that some people’s reactions aren’t necessarily going to be pleasant or polite.  It’s far past time you grow up and realize that.  Free speech may be a right, but as with everything else, it does come with consequences, for good or for ill.

Similarly, if you start a flame war with someone, why the hell would you expect and demand that he do as you tell him, or fail to mount a defense?  Why should I post your hate-ridden comments on my blog?  I don’t even want you making your libelous blog entries about me in the first place.  Why would I drag myself over to yours and play by your rules?  That’s just plain arrogance on your part to think I or anyone else would.

I’ve been told I should stop replying to your drivel, and you know what?  I would in a heartbeat.  But when my peace has to be constantly disturbed because you insist on taking your swipes at me, and when it gets to the point that I have to go out of my way to watch what I say and take extra precautions when accepting friend invitations, basically, when I have to disrupt my own life to accommodate your sick vendetta, something’s got to give.

Just end this already.  This is where I stop playing your kiddie bullshit games.  The flame war’s over.  You lost.  Get over it.







Looks like Dave the Liar is doing what he does every time he’s caught in a lie, namely, lie some more and hope you’re too stupid to notice how his story keeps changing.  First he was only “passively accepting” what others sent him.  Now he “can’t remember” who first contacted whom.  Priceless.  Oh, and that picture he posted that someone took offense to?  He claims it was of his foot.  I don’t suppose this, however, was what @iNurseLisa took offense to on his Twitter page.


Or, possibly, this:


Oh yeah, that’s definitely a foot…of steaming bullshit.  As you pointed out, Dave, things posted on the ‘net tend to stay on the ‘net, and two can play at this game.  Stop being a lying hypocrite and quit while you’ve still got something left of what passes for your dignity.  ‘Cause you just got pwned again, son.

Oh, and if you’re really that tired of putting up libelous blogs about me, it might help if you didn’t insist on following my every post.


I wonder what lie he’ll try to concoct next.


For someone who bitches so much about how I’m looking in on his blog all the time…


…he’s not half as clever as he thinks he is.


Classic blame-the-victim methodology.  Throw all the blame for the abuse onto the victim’s shoulders.  “If you hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have had to do this!”




Oh, and Mallory, you who still owe me three hundred dollars that you conned out of me five years ago, you’re not fooling anyone, either.  A friend — a real friend, who actually cares about my well-being — decided to go check out some profiles after discussing what’s been going on lately, and look what was found:


What a trio the three of you make, eh?  It’s a good thing I blocked all of you on my Facebook page (your main accounts, anyway), but at least one of you still went through the trouble of making a dummy account to look at my posts and send them to Dave so he can lie about me on his blog.  (I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess Rick, since he’s infantile enough to do just such a thing.)  What is it with you, anyway, Mallory?  I know the kind of crazy Dave and Rick suffer from, but what’s your angle in all this?  It’s not like you’re any kind of angel yourself.  You lied to me and conned me out of three hundred dollars, money you knew I was short on, but you took advantage of my understanding that family is supposed to mean something, and not once have you ever even tried to pay me back so much as on red cent.  So you’re in no position whatsoever to be pissed at me for calling you on your bullshit.  You know, I really hoped you’d turn out different, but you’ve chosen to be just as bad as your uncle and your father.  I’m disappointed in you, kiddo.


Good Lord, boy!  When was the last time you washed your nasty feet?  And do I even want to know what that is you’ve got on it?  Lotion, probably.  I suggest a good amount of soap and hot water, and generous use of a scrub brush.  No wonder people complained.  At least I shower every day and do a good job of it.  Geez!