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Yes, I said it, and no, I am not anti-Semitic.  As someone whose Polish relatives had to endure the horrors of German occupation, and whose Cherokee ancestors had to endure genocidal slaughter and displacement by Europeans, I think I’ve got more than enough right to call it like I see it.  And right now what I’m seeing on the news taking place in Gaza is a whole lot like the Holocaust and the genocide of American Aboriginal peoples.

And so few here in America seem to care one way or another.  Too many actually cheer this shit on, much like their ancestors probably did when reading about how entire tribes of Aboriginals had been wiped out or forced onto reservations.  Nothing changes.

And for what?  Why is this all happening?  It’s happening because a bunch of right-wing, bigoted, hate-ridden, genocidal assholes think their god gave them sole right to a strip of land that was already inhabited long before their ancestors swept in and conquered the area to build a kingdom that would last only a relatively short time before Rome came in and took over.  No god ever told them they had a right to any land.  As is usually the case throughout human history, religion is used to rationalize violence against the weak, to rationalize taking what they have, to rationalize doing things that would otherwise condemn the aggressors if done to their own people.

NEWSFLASH, Israelis: God did not give you that land.  You took it from the people who already lived there, by force, and now you’re once again bombing them to pieces because you’d rather do that than learn or keep the lesson of the Holocaust, which is, Never Again.  That runs both ways, you genocidal pricks.  No, it shouldn’t ever happen to you again, but it also means you don’t get to fucking do it to anyone else.

So stop pretending you’re better.  Stop pretending that land is yours.  Stop murdering people and taking their land.  And stop bitching because they try to defend themselves from your atrocities.

And fuck you.