I’ve been doing some quick reading on Ayn Rand’s sick idolization of petty thief and serial killer William Edward Hickman.  I found a blog the author of which went into detail on this subject using direct quotes from Rand’s journal.  Here are the links:



As I mentioned in my previous post, there is a term for a person who has “no organ” by which to understand other human beings — a person who “can never realize and feel ‘other people.'” That word is sociopath. I mean this quite literally and not as a rhetorical flourish. A sociopath, by definition, is someone who lacks empathy and cannot conceive of other people as fully real. It is precisely because the sociopath objectifies and depersonalizes other human beings that he is able to inflict pain and death without remorse.

And that sums up Rand herself: a depraved ghoul of a sociopath who idolized a brutal murderer, lavished praise upon his most degenerate aspects, and upon whom she modeled the protagonists of her demented scrawlings books.




Michael Prescott’s analysis of Hickman — and Rand’s glorification of him — are very well written and worth reading in full.