With the Palestinian death toll in the latest war on Gaza — the vast majority of victims civilians — reaching over 1,500 and climbing as I type this, following the collapse of a temporary ceasefire, and coming on the heels of Israeli shelling of another United Nations school and hospital, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu flat out ordered the United States not to try and a negotiate peaceful conclusion to the conflict.

I want you to think about the supreme arrogance of this latest act.  After giving lip service to a ceasefire and then promptly violating it, some piss-ant little war criminal is giving orders to the world’s most militarily powerful country.

Now, if this had been the president of Iran issuing orders to the United States of America, there’d be self-righteous anger coming from Washington, D.C., threats of bombing, more sanctions, invasion, and regime change, and not necessarily in that order.  But since it’s Israel giving the orders, expect nothing but more meek capitulation following some face-saving bluster.

Because that’s what our foreign policy boils down to, ladies and gentlemen: taking orders from one tiny, illegitimate nation of colonizers and occupiers, for reasons that, frankly, escape all logic and common sense.