No offense to Ms. Kardashian, but why is her photoshopped behind more important than, well, pretty much anything?

In the past week, the bishop of Rome, Francis, demoted a Roman Catholic cardinal infamous for his anti-gay rhetoric.  The Obama regime actually made what will probably be yet another empty gesture in pretending to reverse a Bush-era torture policy as the United States faces serious questions from the United Nations on its torture of prisoners, including persons it knows to be innocent of any crime.  Meanwhile. the U.S. government is quietly trying to bribe the families of those it has murdered in drone strikes.  A European space probe has landed on a comet in an effort to learn more about these mysterious celestial objects.  And in efforts to curb out-of-control population growth, Indian women are enduring unsafe sterilization procedures in filthy clinics, and no one is doing anything to ensure that such procedures are carried our safely and cleanly.

Oh, and my Dad died last night.  I had to find out about it by reading the Twitter feed of a psychopath.

I’m just ranting.  I have nothing useful or important to say, except, how fucking superficial people are while all these sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrible, sometimes fascinating, sometimes outrageous, sometimes depressing, sometimes often highly illegal things are going on, but the talk of the town is more often than not some trivial bullshit like whether or how much some photo editor puffed up a celebrity attention whore’s rear end, or some pop diva’s twerk action on some shallow awards show.

When will the human race grow the fuck up?