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So yeah, right-wing extremist blowhard and liar Donald Trump began going after fellow right-wing extremist blowhard and liar Charles Krauthammer for criticizing the former’s 2016 dictatorial bid. Trump took to Twitter in a fury lashing out at his fellow overgrown child, calling him a “dummy” and an “overrated clown”.

What appears to have sparked the Twitter-storm is one of the frequent Fox Noise liar’s comments regarding an online poll about which dictatorial candidate Republicans would be least inclined to vote for, with Trump coming out on the top of the list. Krauthammer said he thought Trump deserved to have earned the distinction. Okay, fair enough. No one except Donald Trump wants Donald Trump anywhere near the White House.

But Trump’s ego is as massive as his bank account, so his widdle feewings got all hurt and he took to Twitter to voice his rage. Again, no surprise here coming from arguably the world’s biggest far right crybaby. This is nothing more than the pointless bickering of two overgrown children who love to lie to the public every time they open their mouths. Ordinarily I wouldn’t give this story more than a minute of my attention. But what set off my hypocrisy alarm was his comment here:


Dummy political pundit @krauthammer constantly pressed the crazy war in Iraq. Many lives and trillions of dollars wasted. U.S. got NOTHING!

This is a pretty remarkable turnaround, considering Trump has gone on record stating his desire for Iraqi oil in order to rationalize the invasion of Iraq. He has done this more than once, particularly on Fox Noise Channel.

Then, apparently, he began flip-flopping on Iraq, even going so far as to argue last month that anyone who supported the invasion of Iraq isn’t qualified to occupy the Oval Office.

Now, it’s one thing for someone with a certain opinion to change it after receiving new information. If that’s the case, then I’ll grant Donald Trump the benefit of a doubt. But if he backtracks like Jeb Bush did over the question, then he deserves to be ridiculed for the dishonest hypocrite he is.

If Trump really has altered his position based on the known facts, and that’s the reason Krauthammer claims Trump isn’t someone most Republicans would vote for, however, then Trump is correct to blast him.

Still, as I said, this is pointless bickering between two children that, in any other venue, would result in both boys being sent to their rooms without any supper. These two right-wing extremists and professional liars have no business being taken seriously by anyone in the first place.