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An Ohio woman who almost got her toddler killed by dropping him into a cheetah exhibit at the zoo got only probation and parent counseling.

CLEVELAND (AP) — A woman who dropped her toddler into a Cleveland zoo’s cheetah pit has been sentenced to a year of probation that includes counseling and parenting classes.

Michelle Schwab, of Delaware, Ohio, was sentenced Wednesday. She was charged with child endangering after authorities said she dangled her 2-year-old son over the railing of the zoo’s cheetah exhibit in April. The boy lunged from her and fell about 10 feet.

Schwab and her husband jumped into the exhibit to retrieve the boy, who broke his leg. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo officials say the cheetahs didn’t approach the family.

Schwab pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of aggravated trespassing in May.

Her attorneys said in court Wednesday the accident and media attention that followed brought her a great deal of stress and anxiety.

Pardon me if I don’t cry a river for this reckless bitch. Who the hell dangles her kid off anything, let alone a place where carnivorous beasts are kept?

Oh yeah…

But really, where’s the justice? We put people in prison for decades for exposing war crimes. We threaten to do the same or worse to other whistleblowers. We keep still other truth-tellers in virtual prisons. We lock people away for years or even decades for relatively trivial offenses. We give twenty years in jail to women who try to defend themselves from their attackers. We lock up and torture innocent people simply because they happen to be Muslim.

The list of things we do to people for the stupidest of reasons could fill a book. But what’s the penalty for privileged white brats?

Cops are free to murder unarmed people. Subhuman savages receive no penalty for starting illegal wars, but are allowed to make their rounds in the TV talking head circuit while still profiting from their crimes. Violent sociopaths are allowed to roam about with guns shooting unarmed kids to death without provocation and, with rare exceptions, allowed to return to their daily lives with no legal consequences. And bad parents are allowed to abuse or endanger their kids and not have them taken away to be placed in better homes.

Am I the only one who thinks the American “justice” system is seriously warped in favor of the very powerful and the privileged?