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When Francis, the Bishop of Rome, paid a visit to the United States, he met briefly with many different people from many walks of life. As it turns out, one of those people was notorious bigot Kim Davis, who made headlines this summer by defying the Supreme Court ruling declaring that same-sex couples have the same right to marry we straights do.

Davis, ever the conniving opportunist, apparently thought this meeting with the Bishop would be a good P.R. ploy, and proceeded to lie about having the support of the pontiff.

That wasn’t the only lie told by Davis through her attorneys. She’s been claiming that something like 100,000 Peruvians rallied in support for her bigotry against LGBT persons, a claim easily debunked.

It’s bad enough that this imbecile who thinks her right to practice her religion allows her to discriminate against others continues to defy the Constitution, violate other people’s rights, and break the law with impunity (although she has actually been put in jail for criminally defying the court). But she also feels compelled to make shit up claiming she has the support of Rome and people worldwide, when in fact she’s just a petty, vindictive bitch abusing both her office and her religion to press her bigoted views.

Of all the damned gall…