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An article from The Intercept explains how prosecutors in Michigan are deliberately breaking the law by engaging in wrongful prosecutions of medical marijuana patients, in spite of the state’s voters having passed a measure in 2008 legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. Worse, they’ve been applying an insane amount of political pressure on state forensics laboratories to fudge their reports so as to enable felony prosecutions of medical marijuana users, according to the Intercept article.

Officials are rationalizing their crimes by claiming that citizens have no say in anything even when they go to the polls and put a given law on the official books.

Just days before Bernhardt’s suicide, a Kent County prosecutor named Tim McMorrow told a state court that Michigan voters, despite their overwhelming approval of medical marijuana, do not have the final say. “The voters do not have a right to adopt anything they want,” McMorrrow said. “Something doesn’t become valid because the voters voted for it.”

Actually, you lying scumbag, YES IT DOES become valid. That’s the whole point of government of, by, and for the people: the people, not elected officials, decide what’s valid and legal through the ballot box. Those elected by the people to represent their wishes in the halls of power are tasked with upholding the will of the public, not to circumvent it.

Whether Michigan state officials like it or not, medical marijuana is legal. By pressuring forensics labs to falsify evidence and by engaging in prosecutions based on that false evidence, prosecutors are themselves guilty of breaking the law and should be the ones in prison. They’ve ruined lives and driven at least one innocent person to suicide.

The federal attorney general should step in and investigate the matter, and prosecute Michigan state prosecutors for engaging in wrongful prosecutions in violation of state law.