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Martin Shkreli is back in the news after being arrested on charges of securities fraud from when he was working as a hedge fund robber. Okay, no surprise there. A piece of shit who’d deliberately price-gouge dying people probably wasn’t going to turn out to be the most honest or ethical guy, as evidenced by his former firm suing him for sixty-five million dollars earlier this year. In the wake of his arrest, he has been fired from his other CEO job at Kalobios Pharmaceuticals.

Only now he’s not only denying the charges against him, which is to be expected, he is claiming—falsely, of course—that it was his price-gouging and “over-the-top public persona” that was the reason for his arrest.

In his first interview since he was charged Thursday for allegedly misleading investors in his hedge funds and raiding a public company to cover the losses, Mr. Shkreli told The Wall Street Journal he had been targeted by authorities for his much-criticized drug-price hikes and over-the-top public persona.

No, I’m pretty sure, going by the news headlines, that you were arrested for and charged with securities fraud. So that’s another lie you told, Marty-boy—one of many. But hey, if you want to pretend that your very public douchebaggery was behind your arrest, believe what you want if it helps you sleep at night. But you know the truth. You’re a conman, swindler, thief, who couldn’t keep his mouth shut and ended up getting caught.

But here’s the bitch of the whole matter. If price-gouging poor people really were a crime, then Shkreli should have been prosecuted months ago. He wasn’t. But he was arrested for ripping off rich people, which apparently is a prosecutable offense. As much as I despise Shkreli for his actions, I loathe even more the shameless double standard that only perceived crimes against the rich and powerful are punished while crimes against the poor and powerless are ignored, ridiculed, or even rewarded.


Anyway, I digress. The point here is this, Marty-boy: sooner or later your crimes were going to catch up with you, and you didn’t help yourself by being such a dick in public. That was your decision and your fault. Don’t go lying about why you were arrested. You’re just making yourself look like an even bigger douche than you already have.