This week, the United States Supreme Kangaroo Court, denied the tie-breaking vote of Antonin Scalia, who finally did the world a favor last month by dying, did yet another thing it should have done decades ago: its members unanimously declared that the fraud outfit known as scientology is not actually a religion and must pay taxes.

The case was brought forward by the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division after concluding a two-year-long investigation into the inner workings of Scientology. The investigation, along with an extensive audit, found the group to be a “criminal operation with a sole purpose of making money”. The eight justices agreed with the IRS and its findings that Scientology was neither a religion or fell under the guidelines of a non-profit charitable organization.

Now, this does not mean scientology is finished as an organization. It is still allowed to operate as the for-profit business it always has been, but as such it must pay taxes on any profit it makes by swindling people out of their money. Seeing as how the I.R.S. successfully argued that scientology is a criminal operation, I’d like to see it shut down and its leaders put in jail for their crimes. But these days, one takes his or her victories when they can be gotten. For now I’ll settle for watching the scam outfit’s leaders burst all the blood vessels in their foreheads trying to figure out how they’re going to pay all those back taxes they owe and still stay afloat financially.

Policy Matters Ohio has a pretty dismal report card for the Buckeye State, which has been under right-wing rule for decades without any letup. Failures include the privatized G.E.D. system, the utter refusal to tax large corporations including the hydraulic fracking industry, and our job creation and retention numbers being a sick joke.

Finally today, Hillary Clinton has pissed me off to no end by giving unearned credit to those degenerates the Reagans for “starting the national conversation” on HIV-AIDS, in the wake of harpy Nancy Reagan’s long-overdue demise. Nancy, for those of us old enough to remember, was infamous in the HIV-AIDS epidemic’s early years for cruelly turning away Rock Hudson as he desperately sought treatment for the disease in France. The Reagans refused to even acknowledge the epidemic until Ronald’s second term in the Oval Office was almost over, and even then there was no real effort underway on the executive end to address the crisis.

Clinton surely knew this for a fact, but, continuing the tradition of verbally fellating the Reagans, couldn’t resist praising the degenerate old hag.

I had a cousin who dies from AIDS in the 1990s. He might have lived if Ronald Reagan had lifted a finger to do something about the HIV-AIDS epidemic—intensified sex education, promoted the use of condoms in health literature, used his executive powers and his bully pulpit to push Congress to pass badly needed legislation fast-tracking the approval of new drugs to fight the disease…SOMETHING. Instead, he dismissed it as a “gay” affliction and didn’t even want to talk about it, only doing so after mounting public pressure forced him to make the pretense of a token gesture.

That Hillary Clinton knowingly lied through her teeth giving credit to the Reagans for something they never did, and in fact went out of their way to ignore, is sick and obscene. Her opponent for the Democrat nomination to run for dictator, Bernie Sanders, was mystified by her comments, which she was soon forced to walk back after the inevitable backlash. But why did she even make them in the first place knowing they weren’t true? Either she was willfully ignorant about the Reagans’ record on HIV-AIDS and made shit up in an effort to jump on the deification bandwagon the far right drags out every time one of their own dies, or she knew and deliberately lied trying to suck up to the Reagan-fetishists. Whatever her mindset, she lied and she knew she was lying when she did it. And in so doing she insulted the memory of every AIDS sufferer, including my cousin, who died because of the Reagans’ callous negligence.

Bitch, if your goal was to piss off every HIV-AIDS patient now living and drive them to vote for someone else, mission accomplished. I hope this and your other clueless, out-of-touch gaffes costs you the nomination as it should. You are a degenerate right-wing scumbag and you are wholly unfit for public office.

UPDATE: 20 March, 2016

Looks like I fell hook, line, and sinker for one of those fake news sites that generate revenue by pretending to be a major network. According to Snopes, the article was fabricated. My apologies.