Tommy Christopher over at the Daily Crap…uh…Banter is in a tiff because actress Rosario Dawson rightly pointed out that Hillary Clinton has taken money from the fossil fuel industry’s bundlers.

In attacking Rosario Dawson, Tommy Christopher has himself tried to pull a fast one regarding the Clinton e-mails. The FBI is indeed investigating the e-mail scandal, prompting the State Department to suspend its internal review, according to Reuters.

Clinton, the front-runner in the race for the Democratic Party nomination in the Nov. 8 presidential election, has apologized for using a private email server for official business while in office from 2009 to 2013 and said she did nothing wrong. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is probing the arrangement.


“The FBI communicated to us that we should follow our standard practice, which is to put our internal review on hold while there is an ongoing law enforcement investigation,” State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau told reporters.

It is dishonest to complain about an actress who points out that Clinton is under investigation for those e-mails by denying that such an investigation is taking place.

Another lie told by Christopher is that Clinton hasn’t received money from fossil fuel industry employees—according to, she has, to the tune of $307,561 in bundled campaign bribes donations. While it’s something of a stretch to imply that Clinton is raking in large sums of fossil fuel industry cash relative to her other Wall Street backers, the truth is that she has taken significant amounts of money from industry employees, and far more than money taken in by Bernie Sanders, her challenger for the Democrat nomination to run for dictator in November. So Christopher is quibbling over semantics. Triangulation no longer works.

It’s one thing to criticize a public figure based upon that person’s words and actions carried out in public. It’s quite another to blatantly lie because said public figure told truths one finds uncomfortable. Sanders hasn’t been hard enough in calling Clinton out, in my opinion. She and her sycophants feel free to get as nasty and dishonest as they want while demanding apologies from others for having told the truth. The unmitigated gall on display is sickening.

Good news, though: Jill Stein got sixty-one percent of the vote in yesterday’s Ohio Green Party nominating convention (she was barred from being on the ballot for the state’s primary last month), bringing her that much closer to securing the Green Party nomination. I hope that, if Sanders is cheated out of the Democrats’ nomination, his supporters will join us Greens in sending the message to Clinton that far right corporatist policies masquerading as pragmatic politics will no longer be tolerated.

By the way, since Daily Banter has taken to setting comments as pending approval (they’ve got to weed out people posting those pesky links to the facts, after all) and then not approving certain ones, I’ve taken the liberty of saving a screen cap of the one I made, which is reproduced above with some edits.