It looks as though Hillary Clinton won New York last night in a heavily rigged primary that blocked upwards of three million voters from casting their ballots. This isn’t surprising, as this primary election has seen massive systemic vote fraud throughout, especially in Republican-dominated states where the Clinton campaign has supporters deciding how and whether votes are counted and both major political parties illegally deny people the right to vote.

But what’s interesting about last night’s Clinton victory is that she was not able to significantly widen her pledged delegate lead over rival Bernie Sanders. She picked up 129 of New York’s delegates while he was awarded ninety-eight according to The Real News, though the final tally as of this posting has the N.Y. delegate counts at 138 to 109, respectively. If the Bloomberg count is accurate, this puts Clinton ahead with 1,424 pledged delegates to 1,149, a difference of only 275. Sanders had been down by 194 delegates going into yesterday’s rigged primary.

This means that Sanders can still manage to pull off upsets next week in Maryland and Pennsylvania, and if he wins those states, he can eliminate Clinton’s lead going into California, the winner of which will probably walk away with the nomination. But Sanders really needs to pick up more momentum if he plans to win this election. The Clinton machine isn’t hesitating to tell any lie or to pull out every dirty campaign trick in the book in order to secure victory. Sanders and his team must be honest but equally as ruthless in fighting for victory. So far he’s been far too lenient and let Clinton’s creatures get away with far too much. He may not want to split the Democrat Party, but the Clintonites have no problem whatsoever doing exactly that as long as it means their candidate is crowned dictator next January.

Time is running out for Team Sanders. You’ve got to win in Maryland and Pennsylvania to stay alive in this race.