BernieSanders377c6d60465f8d2b5b6e9567992f1829_400x400For months, Sanders supporters have objected to what they perceive as highly biased coverage by mainstream media.  The media has been condemned for its abbreviated coverage of the Clinton email scandal (including notable failures to ask follow up questions of Clinton) as well as a steady drumbeat dismissing Sanders as a serious challenger.  Now, New York Times reporter Yamiche Alcindor has infuriated even non-Sanders supporters with a bizarre suggestion that Sanders is sexist for merely opposing Hillary Clinton.  Despite widespread ridicule, Alcindor insists that Sanders was the one in the wrong for expressing legitimate shock at the insulting question. She later tweeted: “Some women think will be standing in way of history tmrw if HRC wins & he doesn’t concede. He got testy when I asked; Oh well.”

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