By aging in what are clearly Bush-Rove election fraud tactics and rewarding co-conspirators, Clinton has shown her true colors once again—she is every bit as criminally corrupt and out of touch as Bush and Cheney, a neocon corporatist right to the core, a shameless liar who will say anything to get elected, break any law, violate the Constitution, and abuse the system to get away with it all. Drumpf is a fascist lunatic, but so is Clinton.


By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

225px-Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_cropAs many of us expected, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz fell on the sword after leaked e-mail revealed she and other DNC officials rigged the system to hurt Candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign as a competitor to Hillary Clinton. Wasserman Schultz’ self “sacrifice”, if you can call it that, along with unwavering loyalty was quickly rewarded by Clinton appointing Wasserman Schultz to serve as her “Honorary” Chair of Clinton’s 50 State Program to help elect Democrats throughout the United States.

Really? The very person who was implicated in a plan to rig a primary election to favor a particular candidate is now placed in a leadership role to help elect other politicians. And, adding to this, the appointment came as a personal reward for deflecting the blame away from the presidential Candidate that received the benefit of such rigging.

It is just another example of the cronyism and corruption that is…

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