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Right-wing blog Daily Kos, created and run by long time Democrat Party establishment hack Markos Moulitsas, has always harbored a deranged hatred of leftist Democrats and third party candidates such as Jill Stein and especially Ralph Nader. Being an extension of the D.N.C. propaganda arm, it’s not surprising that its members would deliberately, blatantly lie in order to push their agenda of electing far right Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barry Obama. And usually their bullshit can be dismissed for the utter nonsense it is.

Now, however, with the Clinton campaign flailing about blaming Russia for every scandal its candidate and her minions get caught in, Daily Kos bloggers are growing increasingly desperate. After being caught lying about the Green Party by claiming it had endorsed Republican Donald Trump, a lie exposed weeks ago by Snopes.com, BoGardiner is now desperately trying to claim that Snopes never debunked the lie in the first place.







It’s bad enough to tell a lie so obvious, but when caught in it, the last thing you want to do is double down and hope people are too stupid to notice. We have the Internetz, after all. We can look stuff up and verify whether or not it’s true.