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Well, Dems, don’t say you weren’t warned well in advance that this was going to happen. You had your chance to nominate a candidate, Bernie Sanders, who would have beaten this clown in a landslide. But no, you broke your own party’s rules to interfere in the primaries, and used the same dirty electoral fraud tactics used by the Bush-Cheney campaign in two consecutive presidential elections, all in order to run the ONE candidate you KNEW could lose to whichever troglodyte the GOPhers ultimately nominated, because you’d rather have lost with another Republican-wannabe than let a liberal head the ticket. Your candidate and your party leadership got caught doing things that are, at BEST, highly unethical, and in many cases outright CRIMINAL, but still you plodded along, ignoring the very real problems this created for you in the eyes of the public. You childishly kept pointing the finger of blame at Russia whenever a new scandal arose, accusing everyone who dared criticize you of being an agent of the Kremlin. This included even people you had, months earlier, praised because they’d abused the power of their office to let your candidate off the hook for crimes anyone else would have been prosecuted for. You alienated, ignored, and bullied your own party’s dwindling base, cynically, hubristically, STUPIDLY thinking you could win by pandering to the GOP base while assuming your own would shut up and follow you no matter what. You ditched the fifty-state strategy Howard Dean implemented that won you Congress and the White House in 2006 and 2008, hoarding all your party’s resources for Clinton and leaving the down-ticket candidates to fend for themselves, because the Clintons couldn’t care less about the party as a whole, only themselves and their own electoral prospects.

And the bitch of the whole mess is, everyone saw this coming but you. Hell, even Michael Moore, who has this weird blind spot when it comes to Clinton, saw this coming. He predicted it. He stated quite clearly the reasons why: That Americans are fed up with policies that favor only the super-rich, that Democrats are rightly seen as contributing to and propping up those policies, and that the candidate you rammed down all our throats wasn’t popular with the electorate.

So don’t you dare blame this on Green Party candidates or millennials. They are not the ones who fucked us all over. You are. YOU did this, Democrats. You damn well better own it. Stop trying to fob off responsibility for YOUR misdeeds on everyone else. No one forced you to rig the primaries to favor a right-wing extremist politician best described as Dick Cheney in a pantsuit. Americans have longer political memories than you think. We were just as fed up with neoconservative policies this year as we were in 2006 and 2008, and instead of opposing those policies, you embraced them wholeheartedly. Harry Truman famously quipped, “Given the choice between a Republican and someone who acts like a Republican, people will choose the real Republican every time.” How many decades has it been since he said those words, and you STILL haven’t gotten the fucking hint?

Well, if there are any good things to come out of this electoral farce, it’s these: 1. With any luck, this year marks the end of both the Democrat and Republican Parties. The left will need to spend the next four years turning the Greens or some other organization into a real political force capable of smashing barriers and winning elections. But no one wants the two establishment parties anymore. 2. The anti-war, anti-Wall Street movement, which largely disappeared and went silent under Obama and the Democrats, may crawl back out from under whatever rock it’s been hiding under, and make itself heard once again. Of course, having proven that they only oppose wars and Wall Street when GOPhers are in charge, and are perfectly fine with them when Democrats run the show, they’re going to have a real credibility problem. Those of us who never tossed our principles out the window will have to take charge and shape the movement into something of real integrity and influence.

As always, it’s up to the left to clean up the mess created by you posers. Pray it’s not too late, because right now, it’s looking pretty bad for humanity.