Daily Kos Caught Lying About Green Party Endorsing Trump, Doubles Down On Lie


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Right-wing blog Daily Kos, created and run by long time Democrat Party establishment hack Markos Moulitsas, has always harbored a deranged hatred of leftist Democrats and third party candidates such as Jill Stein and especially Ralph Nader. Being an extension of the D.N.C. propaganda arm, it’s not surprising that its members would deliberately, blatantly lie in order to push their agenda of electing far right Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barry Obama. And usually their bullshit can be dismissed for the utter nonsense it is.

Now, however, with the Clinton campaign flailing about blaming Russia for every scandal its candidate and her minions get caught in, Daily Kos bloggers are growing increasingly desperate. After being caught lying about the Green Party by claiming it had endorsed Republican Donald Trump, a lie exposed weeks ago by Snopes.com, BoGardiner is now desperately trying to claim that Snopes never debunked the lie in the first place.







It’s bad enough to tell a lie so obvious, but when caught in it, the last thing you want to do is double down and hope people are too stupid to notice. We have the Internetz, after all. We can look stuff up and verify whether or not it’s true.

Comey: Clinton Aides Refused To Cooperate Without Immunity


Hillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziHillary Clinton’s position on the email scandal has repeatedly changed from its first emergence in the presidential campaign from denial of bad judgment to the denial of the use of the private server for any classified information to the denial of any material “marked” as classified to the denial of seeing or understanding classified markings. However, one claim has remained unchanged. Clinton has maintained that she and her staff have “cooperated fully” with investigators. That claim was previously shown to be untrue when it was revealed that neither Clinton nor her staff would agree to speak with State Department investigators even though they said that such interviews were needed to determine the scope any damage to national security or security breaches. Now, however, the lack of cooperation has been put into sharper relief with the testimony of FBI Director James B. Comey this week. My column this week raised serious…

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State Lawsuit Against Police Officer Allegedly Assaulting 15 Year Old Girl Removed To Federal Court

It really is time to stop making racist excuses for cops who break the law. This girl didn’t do ANYTHING to warrant the violence inflicted upon her.


By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor.

monique-tillman-tacoma-mall-cameraIn May of this year, we reported a disturbing allegation of an unlawful use of force against a then fifteen-year-old girl by a Tacoma Police Officer working an off-duty assignment at a large shopping mall.

Originally filed in with the Pierce County Washington Superior Court, on September 19th the case was removed to the U.S. District Court of Western Washington.

Surveillance video shows what appears to be disturbing actions by a professional police officer used against a petite fifteen year old for alleged criminal acts against her that were later dismissed. Plaintiff alleges in her tort claim that race discrimination was a factor in the incident.

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Former Clinton Aide Defies House Subpoena While Other Former Aides Invoke The Fifth Amendment Right To Remain Silent


logo-mainjason_chaffetz_official_portrait_111th_congressI recently discussed the questions raised over the Justice Department giving the two former aides to Hillary Clinton immunity — and thereby removing any serious threat of prosecution while seeking information on their superiors. As part of that discussion, I posed the question of whether these previously immunized witnesses would defy Congress. That confrontation appears to be brewing after the former State Department IT specialist who set up Hillary Clinton’s private server Bryan Pagliano simply ignored a subpoena to appear this week before the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Ironically, I will be testifying this morning on the congressional authority to enforce subpoenas in the House of Representatives. House oversight committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (right) will now have to decide whether to move to hold Pagliano and other defiant former Clinton aides in contempt for refusing to appear or respond to the Committee.

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Newly Released FBI Records Raises Question of Intentional Destruction of Evidence By Clinton Contractor

Destroying evidence of illegal activity is itself a crime. Congress should move to impeach her.


Hillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziOne of the most troubling aspects of the recently released documents from the FBI is a timeline established for when Clinton staffers used BleachBit to try to eradicate emails and prevent them from ever being recovered. It appears that staff may have deleted the email archive after the staff received a subpoena to preserve all such evidence. The staffer working for Platte River Networks (PRN) in Denver, Colorado reportedly had what was described as an “Oh Shit” moment when they realized that the archive could be used to uncover what the Clinton staff deleted.

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Egyptian Member of Parliament Encourages Women To Undergo Female Genital Mutilation To “Reduce Their Sexual Desires” To Match “Sexually Weak” Egyptian Men

Mutilating our children’s genitals, especially to control their sexual behavior later in life, is appalling and a crime against humanity.


441px-Coat_of_arms_of_Egypt_(Official).svg150px-muslim_woman_in_yemenWe have yet another story highlighting the horrific abuse faced by women in many Muslim countries. Egyptian member of parliament Elhamy Agina this month has reportedly encouraged women to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) to “reduce their sexual desires.” His rationale for this primitive abuse is particularly bizarre: women must mutilate themselves to lower sexual desires to match that of Egypt’s “sexually weak” men.

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The Green Party’s Breakthrough Moment | Acronym podcast #15

The Acronym Journal

Ever since Bernie went bust and endorsed Hillary Clinton, Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein has been riding a groundswell fueled by the #Afterbern. Now, let’s be clear: Jill Stein is not going to win the 2016 Presidential election, but you should vote for her anyway.

David Cobb, a 2004 Presidential candidate on the Green Party ticket talks with Dennis Trainor, Jr. about the ghost of Ralph’s Nader’s “success”, how the Jill Stein campaign can define victory without winning the White House, the perception of the Green Party as a club for older white hippies, and the need for a vibrant independent party of the left.

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Report: United States Wasted $1.4 Billion on Abstinence Education in Africa


200px-US10dollarbill-Series_2004AWith states and cities struggling to support schools, infrastructure and other basic necessities, our government continues to spend wildly and wastefully with little political accountability. The latest such example is the $1.4billion dollars spent on abstinence-only education as an effort to reduce the spread of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa from 2004-2013. A new study shows that the program never showed any success and yet the government continued to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into Africa because the program was politically attractive.

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Takes The Fall. Clinton Rewards Her Loyalty With A New Position

By aging in what are clearly Bush-Rove election fraud tactics and rewarding co-conspirators, Clinton has shown her true colors once again—she is every bit as criminally corrupt and out of touch as Bush and Cheney, a neocon corporatist right to the core, a shameless liar who will say anything to get elected, break any law, violate the Constitution, and abuse the system to get away with it all. Drumpf is a fascist lunatic, but so is Clinton.



By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

225px-Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_cropAs many of us expected, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz fell on the sword after leaked e-mail revealed she and other DNC officials rigged the system to hurt Candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign as a competitor to Hillary Clinton. Wasserman Schultz’ self “sacrifice”, if you can call it that, along with unwavering loyalty was quickly rewarded by Clinton appointing Wasserman Schultz to serve as her “Honorary” Chair of Clinton’s 50 State Program to help elect Democrats throughout the United States.

Really? The very person who was implicated in a plan to rig a primary election to favor a particular candidate is now placed in a leadership role to help elect other politicians. And, adding to this, the appointment came as a personal reward for deflecting the blame away from the presidential Candidate that received the benefit of such rigging.

It is just another example of the cronyism and corruption that is…

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Erdogan Warns The United States That It Would Be A “Big Mistake” Not To Turn Over His Critic


220px-Recep_Tayyip_ErdoganWe have followed the rise of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has single-handedly destroyed Turkey’s secular traditions and rolled back on civil liberties. With the support of Islamic parties, Erdogan used the recent failed coup to complete his work in arresting his critics, forcing the resignation of thousands of secular academics, and suspending all civil liberties in a proclaimed state of emergency. The United States helped create the tyranny rising in Turkey in its support of Erdogan as he systemically dismantled the only secular, free country in the Arab world. Now, Erdogan is threatening the United States that he wants his greatest critic, US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, delivered to him and that a failure to yield to his demands would be a “big mistake.” Now, one could easily dismiss this threat as the ravings of an egomaniacal, delusional dictator with a persecution complex. However, Erdogan already forced German Chancellor…

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