With New Referral To The Inspector General: The FBI Finds Itself Caught In A Crossfire Hurricane


2560px-Hurricane_Isabel_from_ISSBelow is my column in the Hill Newspaper on newly released information on the use of an informant against Trump officials as well as other details stemming from Operation Crossfire Hurricane.  The disclosures appear to confirm in large part the allegations made by President Donald Trump at the beginning of his Administration.  While denied at the time, it does now appear that campaign officials were surveilled and investigated.  Deputy  Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has now referred the allegation to the Inspector General for further investigation.  That is a belated but correct decision in light of the troubling implications raised by this new evidence.

Here is the column:

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Oregon Man Upset With Noisy Kids Allegedly Fires Over A Dozen Rounds From AK-47


Franklin_TomesFranklin Laine Tomes, 59, allegedly has a unique way to convincing neighbors to stop making noise . . . he fires a dozen rounds from his AK-47.  Tomes is now under arrest in Oregon for the incident at an apartment complex in Portland, Oregon.  He allegedly hit two men as they fled and then barricaded himself in his apartment until finally surrendering to SWAT officers. Tomes had previously complained about the kids of one of the victims making too much noise.

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Ockham’s Razor And The Trump Tower Transcripts


William_of_OckhamBelow is my column in the Hill newspaper on the release of the transcripts from the investigation into the infamous Trump Tower meeting.  The testimony of key players is consistent with a reckless effort to get dirt of Hillary Clinton but, if anything, it undermines claims of collusion or conspiracy with the Russians.  The answer may lie in the writings of 13th Century  English Franciscan friar William of Ockham.

Here is the column:

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How A Porn Star Can Take Down A President

Caligula Drumpf is likely to transform himself from loose cannon to liability, and while that may seem like a huge win for the pseudo-left, in fact we would end up with a far worse dictator in the form of Mike Pence. Drumpf struggles just to get anything done, he’s so incompetent. Pence, on the other hand, really could accomplish everything the Republicans want and then some—and have far more success getting Democrats to help him.


440px-Official_Portrait_of_President_Donald_TrumpBelow is my column in USA Today on the real danger of the Stormy Daniels case.  The danger in the campaign finance allegation is the fact of the investigation not necessarily the charge itself.  The fact that there is an ongoing investigation presents a more straightforward basis for prosecutors to allege obstruction than in the Russian investigation.

Here is the column:

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Musings On My Life

Recently I added to my reading list the excellent book, EVICTED: POVERTY AND PROFIT IN THE AMERICAN CITY by Matthew Desmond. It’s eye-opening for a number of reasons, and I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to understand the devastating effects of the housing crisis, especially on the nation’s poorest.

I found, not surprisingly, many parallels with my own situation. Housing instability is as much a cause of poverty as it is a consequence. Since 2011, I have had to move no fewer than four times, although the second two instances were voluntary: once to escape horrid conditions in the unit, and the latest because the owner is selling the house and I can’t stay. But four moves in seven years…it takes its toll. Rents keep going up, but incomes remain stagnant, putting stable, affordable housing out of reach for more and more people.

Here in the Greater Cleveland area…

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Red Wolf Population Close To Extinction


Red_Wolf_(1980) U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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Report: Columbia Professor Used By Comey For Leak Was Actually A Special Government Employee With The FBI


440px-Comey-FBI-PortraitWe have been discussing the investigation by the Inspector General of the Justice Department into the leaking of FBI memos by former Director James Comey.  I have previously explained why there are serious questions concerning Comey’s conduct.  Now there is an interesting development after Fox News confirmed that the law professor used by Comey for his leak was in fact a “special government employee” (SGE) for Comey’s FBI.  That status of Columbia Professor Daniel Richman raised new concerns

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MSNBC Host Joy Reid Claims Hackers “Fabricated” Her Alleged Homophobic Comments

MSDNC schmucks continue to embarrass themselves.


500px-MSNBC_2015_logo.svgMSNBC host Joy Reid is reported on the Daily Beast (where she appears as a columnist) to have reaffirmed her earlier claim that hackers “fabricated” old blog posts to make her appear homophobic.  The claim is alarming whether true or false. It true, archiving website The Wayback Machine was either compromised or a party to the deception.  If false, Reid has lied to the media in a major story involving her own conduct.  The company has issued a denial that it was in any way compromised or responsible for the comments.

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Erdogan Takes A Hostage: Authoritarian Turkish Leader Demands U.S. Turn Over Dissident In Exchange For American Pastor


Recep_Tayyip_Erdogan_2017We have followed the rapid destruction of the secular government and civil liberties in Turkey under the authoritarian rule of Erdogan. Erdogan used a failed coup to push his effort to create a de facto Islamic regime and to complete his work in arresting his critics, including forcing the resignation of thousands of secular academics, and suspending all civil liberties in a proclaimed state of emergency. Previously, Erdogan threatened the United States if it didn’t handIslamic cleric Fethullah Gulen over to him and that a failure to yield to his demands would be a “big mistake.”  Now he is taking hostages.  Erdogan is suggesting that he will not turn over pastor Andrew Brunson (who was arrested in 2016) unless we turn over Gulen for likely torture and execution.  Erdogan, who has destroyed the once free press of Turkey as well as secular institutions, is leaving no doubt as…

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Did Stormy Daniels Just Implicate Tom Brady?


downloadOk, I admit that I am a Bears fan and this could be the only way to get Tom Brady out of the next session, but doesn’t this picture look a tad familiar?  Check out this picture: Tom Brady  Or here in his hoodie: Tom Brady. With our new young quarterback scheduled to face the Patriots this year, it is close enough for me.

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